Saturday, October 11, 2008

Eddie asked if anything was up with me since June. Truth be told, the past 4 months were marked by protracted periods of profound boredom, interrupted by some seminal events and the realization of long anticipated achievements:

1) I attended my sister's wedding in Vancouver. For the record, whoever is in charge of Vancouver's transportation planning division needs to be executed, slowly...

2) I visited my brother-in-law's new digs in Seattle. Now I have to listen to my wife's incessant pleas to sell everything and just move up there because she's a water person, pronto.

3) I attended my grad school ceremony at The University of Phoenix football stadium and listened to Stedman Graham give the keynote address. Who knew Oprah's concubine was also a motivational speaker? See more of Stedman here.

4) I took the American citizenship oath, along with 1700 other immigrants from 107 countries in the largest naturalization ceremony in Arizona history. Yes, it was promptly followed by a sing-a-long to Lee Greenwood's Proud to be an American. I think even natural-born Americans would have found this to be over the top, but nobody seemed to mind in the least.

5) I registered to vote as a Republican. Alas, my ballot will probably be for naught, as an ObaMarxist White House and an emboldened Democrat Congress appear ever more likely with each passing day.

6) I went through a brief bout of mild depression as I came to realize that not only do I hate my job, but the entire technology field I've built my career upon for the past decade as well. If it wasn't for the decent paycheck, I would have chucked it all and embarked on a 3 month roadtrip by now.

7) I witnessed my adopted country lurch disturbingly towards socialism as its leaders passed historic financial "bailout" legislation to avert an economic meltdown. I can feel a slight whirring vibration as many dead Austrian economists spin in their graves.

8) I continue to root on Harper's Conservative Party of Cuba North as it systematically destroys the once venerable Liberal Party under the leadership of a feckless and incomprehensible Stephane Dion. Though a Harper majority may be barely out of reach next Tuesday, I think it's safe to say Dion's political career will be officially over.

9) I watched many movies since June, practically all of the new ones. Most of them were crap, but the trailers were awesome. Case in point, the Coen's Brothers' Burn After Reading had an awesome trailer, which featured a couple of cool tracks (check out Elbow's Grounds for Divorce). The movie was only so-so, just like the overrated No Country for Old Men. I've come to the conclusion that a great trailer can make for a decent opening weekend, even if the film is awful. The moral? Check out before going to the theatre on a whim and judge the clips critically.