Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hey, Eddie and Val! Look! A blog post!

What I've been up to?

1) I’m officially half-way done my Master’s program. 5 courses down, with 5 more to go. I’ll brag a bit by declaring my 4.0 GPA remains intact thanks to a 98.6% overall average; however, those grades are only partially attributable to my academic efforts. The laxity of the University of Phoenix grading curve deserves some credit, as well.

2) I just returned from an Oracle PL/SQL Developers conference in Newark (ugh!). It was an informative event headlined by several of the world’s foremost PL/SQL experts, including Steven Feuerstein, Bryn Llewellyn and Paul Dorsey. Learned a lot, specifically that my coding methods are still somewhat archaic and that there’s still a lot of backend Oracle development work out there, despite what the legions of smug web platform developers would have me believe.

3) I recently came to the conclusion that my boss is a moron. This deduction came about last month as I had to collaborate with him closely on a new project. Pulling back the curtain on his managerial incompetence has been an unsettling experience for me. I, along with most of my colleagues, have regarded him as somewhat of a rising star within the IT Division. It is now abundantly clear that his promotions and accolades were due to racial preferences. How sad.

4) I was cajoled into joining Facebook last month. Now I’m an addict. Thanks, Mom.

5) I just found out I can apply for US citizenship 3 months earlier than I originally anticipated. So, there’s now a fighting chance that I’ll be eligible to vote in the ’08 election. Speaking of which, I have not been paying any attention to the race thus far. I think this abnormally early campaign cycle is absurd. Hence, I am abstaining from consuming any election related news until December.

6) The wife has decided to chuck dental assisting for good. She recently woke up in a cold sweat after dreaming of drilling into a child’s tooth. No, it wasn’t the kiddie tooth drilling that spooked her; it was the fact that in her dream she was 45 years old and still working as a dental assistant. Yikes! Now, now, there’s nothing wrong with being a 45 year old dental assistant, you might say. To which the wife would wholeheartedly agree. The problem is that every 45 year old dental assistant with whom the wife has worked turned out to be a dowdy, catty shrew of woman who resented wasting the last 20 years of her life staring into decaying mouths day in and day out. To spare herself of a similar fate, the wife will now prepare for a new career as a pastry chef starting December 3rd, having enrolled in a very reputable, yet very expensive cooking school.