Thursday, June 15, 2006

It's safe to say that no one could accuse me of being a proud, flag waving Canadian. On a rare occasion, though, the swell of national pride comes over me, as it did yesterday whilst I listened to Hugh Hewitt's radio show:
Hugh: I'm talking with Bill Roggio,'s embedded correspondent from Kandahar tonight. It is the next day, it is Thursday in Afghanistan as we speak. Bill Roggio, which units have you been with, and how is the morale among them?

Bill: Sure. I've been with the Canadian soldiers from the Princess Patricia Canadian light infantry, 1st Battalion. The Canadians have the free run of Kandahar here at the Kandahar Air Base. We have Dutch...this is the main staging area for Southeastern Afghanistan, so there's British, Dutch, American, Canadian, a whole assortment of the NATO allies are out here. But I chose the Canadian troops, because they're fighting really hard, and I wanted the American public to understand that in Afghanistan, this isn't just an American mission here. This is a NATO mission, and the Canadians fighting here in Kandahar, this is again the heart of the Taliban insurgency. I spent...I actually got out in the field for about...since I got down here in Kandahar with these guys, with these Canadians, and I'm extremely impressed with how they operate. They look like U.S. Marines to me. Well, they dress like them, they use a lot of the same equipment, have a lot of the same problems that the Marines have, you know, as far as with training and equipment. They make do with what they have, and they fight really hard out here, and their morale is high. There is a big controversy in Canada, whether the Canadian army, are they peacekeepers or are they soldiers. And to a man, the soldiers will tell you no, they are soldiers first and foremost, and they're very proud of what they're doing here in Afghanistan...
You can read the entire interview here.


At 6/16/2006 10:56 AM, Blogger Canuckguy said...

Finally CNN covered a story(a positive one at that) about the Canadians in Afghanistan, some embedded reporter, saw it on Thursday. Their coverage surprised me. Usually it is all about me me me (Mercans)


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