Monday, March 20, 2006

Newsweek is running a story online about the recent rise in polygamy activism.

Reading the article got me thinking: Are we ready for Polygamist Pride parades? Would annual convoys of flamboyant floats carting haggard Mormons in buttless chaps hurt or harm their cause?


At 3/20/2006 4:14 PM, Blogger azgopbabeval said...

Interesting article.
I always find it makes for a stimulating conversation to bring up the gay marriage debate & then throw in polygamy. They may not see the debate as the same issue, but when you magnify it, and really look, it is. The issue that people have for the most part is NOT with gays being married, it is with the institution of marriage being between ONE man & ONE woman. The downfall of society is highly contributed to divorce & single parent homes. Polygamy is the flip side of that or the parallel, whichever you prefer. There is no stable home environment & the unhealthy view of how the family unit functions & how to treat women, etc is estranged from the realism of societal norms.
Just a thought...I could go on for hours though...


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