Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Another Canadian Political Drama Update>>

And so there may not be an election after all…

Belinda Stronach, billionaire heiress, one time candidate for the Conservative Party leadership, and leading contender to become Canada’s first MILF Prime Minister, dealt a crippling blow the Tories’ efforts to unseat the government by defecting to the Liberals yesterday. Her surprise move shifted the balance of power in the House of Commons, leaving the party coalitions in a virtual tie. As her reward, PM Paul Martin named Stronach as Human Resources Minister, a powerful cabinet post which involves overseeing the country’s mammoth Employment Insurance agency and a host of other plum social programs.

In a side note, there’s no word on what effect Belinda’s defection will have on her budding romance with Deputy Conservative Party leader Peter MacKay. It seems in the cruel game of politics ambition trumps love.


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