Monday, March 21, 2005

UPDATE>> Recently “Outed” Republican Fired from Playgirl magazine.

Now former Editor-In-Chief Michelle Zipp sent the following message to Matt Drudge regarding her dismissal:
"After your coverage of my article about coming out and voting Republican, I did receive many letters of support from fellow Republican voters, but it was not without repercussions. Criticism from the liberal left ensued. A few days after the onslaught of liberal backlash, I was released from my duties at Playgirl magazine.

"After underlings expressed their disinterest of working for an outed Republican editor, I have a strong suspicion that my position was no longer valued by Playgirl executives. I also received a phone call from a leading official from Playgirl magazine, in which he stated with a laugh, "I wouldn't have hired you if I knew you were a Republican.

"I just wanted to let you know of the fear the liberal left has about a woman with power possessing Republican views."


At 3/22/2005 7:25 PM, Blogger azgopbabeval said...

So, does this mean no pictorals of my beloved Kenny Mehlman? What about John Thune's washboard abs? John Shaddegg? Andy Garcia? Anyone?
...What a BUMMER...

At 3/23/2005 11:57 AM, Blogger Ace said...

No, sexually ambiguous Kenny Mehlman will not be gracing a Playgirl centerfold any time soon. Nor will any other man who may have supported any Republican policy at any time, I'm afraid.

At 3/24/2005 8:26 AM, Blogger BACdanielle said...

Great! That leaves them with losers like Tim Robbins and Michael Moore to grace their centerfolds. Nooo thank you!

At 3/25/2005 7:14 PM, Blogger azgopbabeval said...

I think I'm blind now! I can't see! Michael Moore, naked! GROOOOOOSS! (That's even more gross than the posting about the dentist...)


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