Wednesday, March 09, 2005

NEWS FLASH>> In the April issue of Playgirl magazine, Editor-in-Chief Michelle Zipp writes about finally coming out as a Republican.

While I am somewhat gratified that there's now some conservative political representation within the small universe of predominantly liberal soft-core pornographers, I can't help but think this is a bad business move on Ms. Zipp's part, considering her magazine's sizable readership amongst gay men. Then again, I could be wrong. Maybe Ms. Zipp can capitalize on her "outing" and expand Playgirl's subscription base with some full frontal coverage of major conservative stud muffins. Anyone for a centerfold spread of John Thune's washboard abs and flaccid wang?


At 3/09/2005 10:19 AM, Blogger azgopbabeval said...

John Thune? I was thinking maybe Ari Fleischer... He's a hottie. (In his own bald, jewish sort of way). Or maybe our new RNC Chair, Ken Mehlman? The rumor for a while was that he was gay anyway...just another way to gather a few more Republicans :o)
The thought of that is just gross. I have to go bang my head against a wall for a few hours...

At 3/09/2005 10:21 AM, Blogger azgopbabeval said...

Oh yeah, and for everyone's info: Ken Mehlman is not gay!!

At 3/09/2005 1:09 PM, Blogger Ace said...

Ari Fleischer is a hottie? I'm sure even he would be surprised to find that out.

I'll put this in the same "Strange But True" category as Danielle's crush on John Shadagg.

At 3/09/2005 2:11 PM, Blogger azgopbabeval said...

John Shadegg?
I'd go with Jon Kyl...for an old guy, if we're gonna go local.
But my favorite HOTT Republican ever? Gotta be W. Lucky for Laura she snagged him first (wink)

At 3/10/2005 10:39 AM, Blogger BACdanielle said...

Ahhhh! I can't believe you put that out there! That's ok, I am not ashamed!

Hmmmm ... conservatives who would I like to see in a pictorial?
Fully clothed: John Shadegg, Tommy Franks, Ari F., Hannity, Dennis Miller, Andy Garcia (wearing a Zegna or Brioni suit ... mmm ooh-la-la)
1/2 clothed: Dan Senor (press sec. for the Coalition Provisional Autority), any of the Diaz-Belart brothers (R-FL), Pete Sampras, Bruce Willis, Andy Garcia, Dennis Quaid
Nekkid: Ahhnold, The Rock, Nick Lachey

Ken seems like a nice guy, even if he is a little troll-ish. I'm sure he gets better looking as you get to know him.

My sister is moving into a townhouse with a group of girls in DC. They are all Cap. Hill staffers. One of them works in Shadegg's office!

People of ambigous political persuasion I would like to see in a pictorial:
Fully clothed: Clint Eastwood (I think he's a Libertarian)

At 3/11/2005 8:17 PM, Blogger azgopbabeval said...

That was well thought out Ms. D... It kind of worries me ;o)~
Dennis Miller, Andy Garcia: Yes
Pete Sampras: Only if he gets rid of those caterpillar eyebrows.
Bruce Willis: Maybe if I hadn't just read that he was in Lindsay Lohan's pants...
As for Ahnold: Gross.


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