Thursday, November 18, 2004

It’s official: Fox News has been approved for Canada’s airwaves. No word on when FNC will be distributed, though the speculation is sometime next year. The CRTC, the federal media regulatory body, clearly deliberated intensely before rendering the decision, being ever so careful to consider the comments of concerned citizens:
The Commission received 35 comments from individuals who opposed the addition of Fox News, most of whom objected to the content of the service. Several individuals referred to Fox News as a service that presents a biased, conservative viewpoint supportive of Republican interests. Others opposed to the addition of the service suggested that the Commission should not authorize its carriage because of what they alleged to be Fox’s conservative ideological slant.
In effect, these people really backed the CRTC into a corner. To bar Fox News on ideological grounds, the commission would, in the spirit of fairness, also have to immediately pull the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's license, as it offers a service that presents a biased, liberal viewpoint supportive of Liberal Party interests.

It’s all water under the bridge now. Time to let bygones be bygones, and allow the Canadian people to decide for themselves if Fox News’ content is as antithetic to its “Fair and Balanced” slogan as the liberal media would have them believe. If Canadians find Bill O’Reilly a boorish hack, fine. If they just can’t take Geraldo seriously, fine. If they skip Hannity & Colmes because they think Colmes looks like the freakishly disfigured kid from Mask, fine. At least they now have a choice in the matter.


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