Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The wife and I went out for a quiet anniversary dinner last night, yet we somehow found ourselves smack dab in the middle of an impromptu Bush rally. As we exited the Phoenix City Grille restaurant around 6:30pm, we noticed the entire intersection at 16th St. & Bethany Home Rd. was blocked by squad cars and motorcycle cops. Onlookers told us the Presidential motorcade was due to zoom by any minute. Sure enough, it came, but it stopped just across the street. The President chose to dine at Dick's Hideaway, a local hole-in-the-wall, with Senator & Mrs. McCain.

Still stuffed from dinner, I was anxious to get home for a catnap and a healthy dose of Pepto-Bismol. The wife conjured other plans; "How often do we get to stand here and watch for the President while he eats?" So, I relented. For the next 90 minutes, we stood on the sidewalk, staring at the dozens of police and secret service agents milling about in Dick's parking lot.

At first, there was only a handful of gawkers. Soon a couple of dozen people congregated around us, with at least as many across the street. One woman wearing a Kerry/Edwards button called in reinforcements, as it became quite clear to her that our corner was indeed a little piece of Bush Country. Things were heating up, so I ran back to my car to snag a "Viva Bush" placard. Just then, a parade of local news crews arrived. NBC12 interviewed me, but I didn’t make it on the air. I guess I didn't say anything particularly inflammatory. They spoke to the Kerry/Edwards woman, too. I missed what she said to them, though she did look quite animated, with flailing arms and all. Thankfully, she didn’t make the evening news, either.

Before we knew it, the President was on the move. As the limo zipped past us, he was right there, face in the window, waving at us as we cheered and chanted "4 More Years". The wife is still a little awestruck. “Now, we’ll always remember our first wedding anniversary,” she said.


At 10/14/2004 12:25 PM, Blogger BACdanielle said...

What a great story!

At 10/27/2004 6:56 PM, Blogger dave bones said...

fantastc! brings tears to my eyes!


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