Thursday, October 21, 2004

Mother faxed me a Telegraph Journal column by Charles Moore, a freelance writer from Nova Scotia. The piece laid out a persuasive case for the importation of the Fox News Channel to Canada. As it stands, government media regulators in the “progressive” North have exercised their eminent paternal wisdom and shielded Canadians from those dastardly Fox airwaves, lest they be confronted with the harsh reality that articulate conservative punditry actually does exist on this planet.

According to Mr. Moore, there are some strong indications that the regulators are about to acquiesce begrudgingly; Fox will soon grace Canada’s liberally tainted cable news space. And not a moment too soon. I knew something was amiss when I heard friends back home make statements like “Chris Matthews on Hardball is a right-winger”, and “I dig Aaron Brown on CNN. He’s always fair and balanced.” Dear Lord! To say it’s time for a new alternative is a colossal understatement.


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