Friday, September 03, 2004

I’ve been watching the US conventions since 1988. (I know, I know; if you do the math, that would put me at 14. I was a geek. So, sue me.) In each election year, I’ve found the convention of the challenger’s party far more compelling and much better orchestrated than the incumbent’s. This year, I witnessed an exception. Putting my partisan bent aside, I can say objectively as a long time observer that the 2004 Republican National Convention trumped the Democratic one, hands down. Compared to the DNC, which I believe fell flat in many aspects, the RNC displayed a better speaker roster, a better message, a more palpable energy, and a mastery of stagecraft.

Try as they might, the liberal media’s less-than-subtle attempts to paint the RNC as a gathering of wealthy, conniving zealots hell-bent on squashing the poor will fall on deaf ears. Anyone who watched the C-Span or prime-time coverage over the past 4 days, and especially last night, witnessed a party that is truly a large tent of diverse Americans, united behind a President with firm convictions and an abiding commitment to advancing freedom, both at home and abroad. Viewers saw a Republican Party that is comprised of people who understand a very simple, yet very powerful concept: Liberty pays dividends.

Now the question is, how much of a bump will the President get after this week, and how long will it last? I’m taking an optimistic stance on that one. A few months ago, an old friend asked what I thought would be the outcome of this election. I mulled it over for a few seconds and said, “Bush by 5 points.” Judging from the laughter on the other end of the phone, I concluded that he thought I was insane. In the end, I think my wild ass guess is going to be dead on.


At 9/08/2004 9:55 AM, Blogger BACdanielle said...

As one who was there at the convention, I can affirm your observation. The energy was palpable. People were so energized by the speeches! I know I am excited to be back and get right to work on the Bush/Cheney campaign.

On the whole, the GOP convention portrayed an optimism and patriotism that the DNC will never be able to match! I am proud the be an American, and I am proud to be a Republican!


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