Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I must remember to request an absentee ballot from Elections Canada. Paul Martin dropped the writ yesterday, so the race is on for June 28th.

The Prime Minister unveiled the Liberal Party campaign theme yesterday in Belleville, Ontario. In front of a throng of rabid supporters, who I can only surmise have an insatiable appetite for government rife with graft and incompetence, Martin summed up his platform in two words: America Sucks.

Of course, I’m paraphrasing heavily, but there’s no mistaking his sentiments. In lambasting the newly united Conservative Party, the Prime Minister rehashed the tired, old canards that USA-hatin’ Canucks have chewed over for years. Lower tax rates, privatized health care, and a strong foreign policy are akin to Satan worship, he says. Don’t vote for the Conservative Party because…gaspthey want closer ties with America.

If the best the Liberal Party can do is deflect attention away from the scandals that have plagued their government over the past several months by whipping up lame anti-American sentiments, then they’ll be in for a shock come the end of June. A unified Conservative Party, along with resurgent Bloc Quebecois and NDP camps, spells a minimum loss of 25-30 seats for the Liberals without any effort whatsoever. If Martin ends up running a lacklustre campaign, as is definitely in the cards given his inauspicious start, the loss will climb to 50+ seats. Either way, Canada will have its first minority government since the late 70’s. Fun, fun.

The World Series of Poker is in full swing in this week. Record number of entries this year, tripling last year’s total, thanks to the Travel Channel’s World Poker Tour series, WSoP champ Chris Moneymaker’s miracle run last year, and the dozens of internet poker sites.

I’ve been playing online for nearly a year now. I’m finally getting comfortable with my game. Thus far, I’ve learned that I do fairly well at No-Limit Hold ‘em tournament play, but the fixed limit cash game is not my friend. I still need plenty of work in that arena. I’ve played live at the local Indian casinos, but it’s rough playing the lower limits. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been out-drawn by people playing garbage. Why the hell would someone re-raise preflop with an 8-3 offsuit? I’m told that sort of lunacy doesn’t happen much at the higher limits, but I’m not about to plunk down a grand on the 20-40 tables. Aside from my naturally inclined frugality, I wouldn’t do it because I think the wife would castrate me.

Michael Moore snagged the Palme d’Or at Cannes with his hatchet piece on the Bush Administration, Fahrenheit 9/11. The Cannes jury, headed by none other than Quentin Tarantino, was annoyed when it was called upon by the press to defend its unanimous decision. The choice was entirely non-political, they proclaimed huffily. According to Tarantino, Moore told him that he doesn’t produce films to make political statements. Huh?!

Well, at least Moore is consistent. Once a shameless liar, always a shameless liar, I guess.


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