Friday, April 02, 2004

Oh, John "Botox" Kerry is so, so screwed...

Another blockbuster jobs report came out today. Not only were 308,000 jobs created in March, blowing away the 125K market forecasts, but the figures for January and February were revised upward again. The unemployment rate inched up only slightly to 5.7%, mainly due to people re-entering the labor force and looking for work. The bottomline: 505,000 new jobs in the first of quarter of 2004, and some definitive proof that the economy is indeed healthy, and well on the road to full recovery.

There are 6 more employment reports due out between now and Election Day. If job growth maintains its current pace, another 1 million jobs will be tagged onto the economy. It's an entirely plausible scenario given current employment trends and the high level of economic stimulus permeating throughout the country. The timing couldn't be better for the Bush re-election team.


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