Friday, March 05, 2004

Yes, I still watch NBC’s “Must See TV Thursday”…

Years ago, my aunt Trish gave me Donald Trump’s opus, The Art of the Deal, as a Xmas present. Despite the glowing reviews, I found it terminally boring. Trump droned on and on, filling page after page with the minutiae of transactions that made him Manhattan’s most famous, and worst coifed, real estate magnate. Given such an inauspicious peek into the phenomenon that is “The Donald”, I was skeptical of his foray into the world of reality TV. Lucky for me, Mark Burnett, executive producer of The Apprentice, has created a show featuring Trump that is actually quite palatable.

Last night, the haughty Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth was finally booted from Trump Tower. A Howard University PhD candidate, former Clinton/Gore staffer, and self-proclaimed “ghetto to White House” success story, Omarosa drew the ire of her teammates with her sanctimonious airs, lackadaisical work ethic, and unwarranted race baiting. Her antics prompted a stunning rebuke from Trump as she was “fired” from the show.

Ok, so I’m hooked on a reality show…again. So, sue me.


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