Tuesday, March 09, 2004

A group of California legislators has proposed a state constitutional amendment to extend voting rights to children. Under the plan, kids 14 & 16 years of age would have ¼ and ½ ballots in state elections, respectively.

As long as we’re talking about codifying lunacy, why stop there? Why not extend sufferage to the pre-teen set? Why not send tykes who don’t yet know how to compute their ballot fraction to the polls? We could use the same sliding scale formula under the amendment plan to get the ideal vote proportion for tots: 12 years old = 1/8 vote, 10 years old = 1/16 vote, 8 years old = 1/32 vote, 6 years old = 1/64 vote, etc.

Hold on a sec! Does this proposed amendment only apply to children free of the womb, or would pregnant women get an extra 1/512nd of a ballot for their fetus? Would that violate the secret ballot tenet? What if the fetus leans right-of-center, yet the mother is a devout leftist? How do we know if the mother is casting the fractional vote according to the fetus’s wishes?

Oh, what a hornet’s nest…


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