Monday, March 29, 2004

Canadian pride runs deep, and at its core lies a fervent strain of resentment towards America. Every once in a while it burbles to the surface, manifesting itself as a public display of abject boorishness.

The Drudge Report posted a link to an Ottawa Citizen story about a high school student who maintained her composure while being booed during a flag rally. Her blasphemous indiscretion? The student, a dual Canadian/American citizen, proudly brandished the American flag. Though school officials are quick to assert this was an isolated incident, the impolite display of anti-American bile actually occurred during last year's rally, as well.

Isolated incident, my ass. I've seen this sort of behavior before. Flash the Stars & Strips before some so-called enlightened, multiculturally-sensitive Canadians and you'll see invective flying faster than an Al MacGinnis slapshot.

I was attending university when the Toronto Blue Jays won their first World Series in '92. During the impromptu street party after the Jays sealed the title against the Braves in Game 6, I saw a group of otherwise docile Canucks attempt to set an American flag ablaze with a match and some lighter fluid. Another student, visiting from upstate New York, took offense, naturally. He intervened, but was subsequently shouted down by the crowd and treated to a few well-placed punches to the head.

Yes, they were college students. Yes, they were likely wasted off their collective asses. However, I expected that sort of ugly scene from Muslim extremists, not my nerdish classmates.

Like I said, Canadian pride runs deep.


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