Friday, November 07, 2003

More bad news for the Democrats. Not only did the economy add 126,000 jobs last month, the figure for September was revised upward from 57,000 to 125,000. In the words of one economist: "We can finally put the nail in the coffin of the jobless recovery."

Over the past few months all we heard from Howard Dean & Company was "America is in the midst of the worst economy since the Hoover Administration", and "This is a hollow jobless recovery". So, where are all the bread-lines? Where are the millions of homeless, unemployed people riding boxcars from town to town, seaching for work? Where are the average American Joe's taking $2/hr fruit picking jobs (a la Grapes of Wrath), displacing all the illegal Latino migrant workers in the process?

Where's the "America in decline" I've heard so much about from the Democratic Presidential candidates? Where is it, Howard?


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