Thursday, September 18, 2003

Whow, Whow, Whow...hold on a minute. Sweden is censuring one of its country's TV networks for broadcasting, of all things, Oprah. The charge? Oprah's broadcasts were too pro-war.

Forget for a moment that throughout the heated days of the Iraq conflict Oprah was, if anything, pro-soldier, not pro-war. Even if she was rabidly pro-war, consider this: The supposedly socialist utopia of Sweden is officially condemning a media organization for showing opinions that conflict with those of the government. Does this sound like a country embracing the tenets of freedom of speech? Yet, according to the same lefties that regard Sweden as the gold standard of a free and enlightened nation, it's the Bush Administration that's the greatest threat to freedom on the planet

Ugh, this idiocy is making me a little ill.


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