Monday, September 22, 2003

Stop the presses! Carol Moseley Braun has officially declared her presidential bid! I’m suddenly reminded of a bad cliché about snowballs and hell. How does that go again?

As for the latest Democratic fling, I’m giving General Wesley Clark about 2 weeks before a major faux pas nixes serious consideration of his candidacy. You see, the good general has a little problem with making up things that never actually happened. Someone who does that, kiddies, is called a liar, and it’s not a good image to conjure up with the electorate during a presidential campaign (Case in point, Al Gore 2000: invented the internet, inspiration for the film Love Story, sat vigil at dying sister’s bedside while in another state, etc).

Wes now claims his calls to White House aide Karl Rove went unanswered. Someone should remind him that pretend phone calls aren’t like real ones. You know, like when you “call” Big Bird on your Fisher-Price phone. Big Bird doesn’t really “answer” you back, does he? Of course not, because those are just “pretend” calls, not real ones.

The General just needs a refresher, that’s all.


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