Thursday, September 25, 2003

I caught some of last night’s California gubernatorial debate. In a nutshell: Arnold was strong, McClintock was solid, Camejo recited the Communist Manifesto, Huffington was a shrill pest, and Bustamante was a condescending fat-ass.

My favorite question of evening dealt with how the candidates would spur economic growth in California and encourage businesses to return. The right answer is to lower taxes and cut back intrusive government regulations. As expected, Arnold and McClintock hit the nail on the head. The rest, however, said they would choose the exact opposite route. Bustamante’s response, filtered of its doublespeak, boiled down to taxing businesses and increasing regulation. Arianna wants to raise property taxes on homeowners, then increase regulation. Camejo was a little more creative. He would tax businesses and homeowners, increase regulation, then work to put all executives in California with a rank of Vice-President or higher in jail.

Thankfully, the snap post-debate polls are showing voters understand basic economics a little better than the liberal side of last night’s panel, as Arnold’s numbers have received a welcome boost.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Ben Affleck, being a typical Hollywood liberal drone, doesn't like guns. Unless, of course, they're his own.

Mmm...hypocrisy, served hot and fresh. Anyone care for some?

Here's the latest drug craze sweeping Germany: psychodelic tea.

I don't know, maybe I'm just not cool for avoiding the whole recreational drug use scene, but I actually like having my penis securely attached to my body.

Monday, September 22, 2003

Stop the presses! Carol Moseley Braun has officially declared her presidential bid! I’m suddenly reminded of a bad cliché about snowballs and hell. How does that go again?

As for the latest Democratic fling, I’m giving General Wesley Clark about 2 weeks before a major faux pas nixes serious consideration of his candidacy. You see, the good general has a little problem with making up things that never actually happened. Someone who does that, kiddies, is called a liar, and it’s not a good image to conjure up with the electorate during a presidential campaign (Case in point, Al Gore 2000: invented the internet, inspiration for the film Love Story, sat vigil at dying sister’s bedside while in another state, etc).

Wes now claims his calls to White House aide Karl Rove went unanswered. Someone should remind him that pretend phone calls aren’t like real ones. You know, like when you “call” Big Bird on your Fisher-Price phone. Big Bird doesn’t really “answer” you back, does he? Of course not, because those are just “pretend” calls, not real ones.

The General just needs a refresher, that’s all.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Whow, Whow, Whow...hold on a minute. Sweden is censuring one of its country's TV networks for broadcasting, of all things, Oprah. The charge? Oprah's broadcasts were too pro-war.

Forget for a moment that throughout the heated days of the Iraq conflict Oprah was, if anything, pro-soldier, not pro-war. Even if she was rabidly pro-war, consider this: The supposedly socialist utopia of Sweden is officially condemning a media organization for showing opinions that conflict with those of the government. Does this sound like a country embracing the tenets of freedom of speech? Yet, according to the same lefties that regard Sweden as the gold standard of a free and enlightened nation, it's the Bush Administration that's the greatest threat to freedom on the planet

Ugh, this idiocy is making me a little ill.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

I was on vacation, hence the lag.

This headline caught my attention: "Activist kills self at WTO protest in Cancun". According to the article from Reuters:

Reporters saw the man climb up onto a high security fence and wave a banner that read "WTO Kills Farmers." He then stabbed himself in the chest.

If this isn't the ultimate in stupidity, I don't know what is. Unless, of course, the man suffered from multiple personality syndrome, with one half of his psyche inhabited by an evil soul named "W.T.O.", and the other half by a hapless dude known as "Farmers". If that was the case, the banner was quite prescient, to be sure.