Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Well, well, well...

It seems that Canada has slipped below the United States in the latest UN Human Development Index report, otherwise known as the "Quality of Life Index". Normally, I don't pay any attention to the subjective scribblings of the UN's commie bureaucrats, however, this is one I feel compiled to dwell upon.

You see, Canadians have for years been touting this useless annual report as conclusive, divine proof of the superiority of its quasi-socialist system, mainly because the UN bean-counters placed Cuba North at the top of the list for 7 straight years. I can't count the number of times I've had to endure the anti-American ramblings of Great White Dolts, citing the infernal UN report:

"Canada is the best and everyone knows it. Just look at the UN report."

"America is an evil, violent, ignorant place, where babies die on street corners, and black people are hung from trees for sport. That's why the US is 4 spots behind Canada in the UN report."

"Don't move to the US! If you get shot by a crack whore, you won't get medical attention because you won't have insurance. Then, the crack whore will sue you for emotional distress. It says so in the UN report."

My response has been consistent: the report is garbage. I never put any stock in what a dedicated civil servant of the highest order has to say about the quality of one's life. Unfortunately, a profound blind faith in the omnipotence of bureaucracy is exactly what led many Canadians to embrace the report wholeheartedly, without a modicum of doubt. Well, that and an equally profound mix of envy and manifested hatred of their Southern neighbors.

I'm sure Canada's national feathers will be ruffled for a week or two over this silliness. Some biased surveys will be released by leftist Toronto newspapers, affirming once again the moral certitude of the country's vaunted socialism. And in 2004, when the next UN survey shows Canada eeking out a slight lead over the USA, Kofi Annan will be lionized anew, and the fragile ego of a petty nation will be restored. Until the next year...


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