Thursday, May 15, 2003

Picture this: It's 1985. AIDS is spreading rapidly throughout the gay community. The fear of a widespread outbreak prompts the government to issue a warning to gays to stop buggering each other, else they risk facing a firing squad. Tell me the Left, let alone anyone with common decency, wouldn't have screamed bloody murder. I conjure up this image because the latest news from China on the SARS epidemic amounts to the same thing, yet nobody on the Left feels compelled to condemn the Communist regime.

One of the great hypocrisies of the Left is their overwhelming tolerance of oppression by dictatorial regimes. These same pinkos, however, go out of their way to attack free democracies for the slightest deviation from their definition of a "free and open society". Oh sure, John Ashcroft is Hitler's twin because he covers the bust of a naked statue at the Justice Dept. building in DC, yet China can threaten to execute SARS victims with nary a "boo" from the Holy Left. Unbelievable.


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