Thursday, April 03, 2003

3 great articles out today on the Affirmation Action issue. Here, here, and here. It's about time we address what this policy has really become: unconstitutional race discrimination.

I found the exchange between Clarence Thomas and the attorney defending University of Michigan's Affirmation Active admissions policy (mentioned in the Washington Post article) particularly amusing. Like Justice Thomas, I have also wondered whether a policy of race selection for the purpose of "diversity" should also apply to traditional black colleges. Apparently not. As the attorney noted, those schools "do have diverse student bodies". Based on the standards by which majority white colleges are held by some students and administrators, I truly doubt the black colleges would come close to achieving the "Diversity Seal of Approval".

Ultimately, the diversity angle, which is the Affirmative Action excuse de jour, all comes down to numbers. Exactly what are the ideal racial proportions to ensure a diverse campus? Is it 60% white, 20% black, 5% latino, 5% native, 10% miscellaneous? Does it mean minority white? Is that a minority of 50% minus 1, or some other number that represents a real minority, like 25%?

Should campuses reflect societal racial figures, as recorded in the 2000 census? In that case, Asians would get screwed, big time. They attend college in numbers disproportionately higher than their actual population would suggest. Does Wang Lee have to drop out under that scenario, or is he allowed to keep his diploma? Will his children be able to attend college, or will Wang have to spearhead a gigantic Asian breeding campaign to outpace blacks and hispanics before the next census, lest baby Lee be denied admission to Yale?

And on, and on...


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