Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Sounds like family gatherings for the Sarandons are no different than Thanksgiving dinners at my girlfriend's "Chicago Liberal" parents' house. Here's Lenora Tomalin, Oscar winner Susan Sarandon's mother, describing to the Washington Post, a typical visit:

"When I visit Susan, I tread on eggs," Tomalin said. "The most difficult time was during the election of 2000. I live in Florida, and I was a Republican poll-watcher in Polk County. Afterward, I was sitting at the breakfast table with Jack Henry, my then-13-year-old grandson, and he looked over at me, with the sweetest little smile on his face, and said, 'I hear you voted for Bush.' I looked up at Susan, who's standing at the sink, and she says, 'All he wants to know is: How could you have voted for Bush?' And I thought, 'I'm not going to discuss my politics with a 13-year-old who has been brainwashed!' But I just let it go..."


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