Sunday, March 30, 2003

I finally got around to reading Dr. John Lott's analysis of gun control laws in America, "More Guns, Less Crime". His thorough and meticulously researched study makes a compelling case for concealed weapons laws as an effective means of reducing violent crime. It's a shame this book was roundly denounced as "biased" and "academically suspect" by the so-called "mainstream media". Dr. Lott addresses most of these falsehoods in the 2nd Edition of his book, showing such charges to be nothing more than blatantly false attacks, promoted primarily by the liberal gun control lobby.

I've resolved never to discuss gun control with anyone ever again, unless they have first read this book. Too often, the anecdotal, emotional arguments voiced on this issue cloud the basic truths; the mere existence of firearms does not lead to violent crime, and the use of firearms as an effective criminal deterrent is well documented, particularly by Dr. Lott's study. Knee-jerk zealots, gun control harpies included, should be forced to confront the ugly truths of their misguided policies sooner rather than later.


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