Friday, February 21, 2003

Right minds think alike. The guys at (a great site, by the way) weigh in on Donna Brazile's comments I wrote about a couple of days ago:

I think Brazile's concerns are well-founded, but the problem Democrats face is twofold. First, for years Democrats have been well beyond the point of diminishing returns with respect to African-American voters. In other words, Democrats have consistently received 90%+ of the black vote and it makes no sense for them to spend valuable resources to try attract another one or two percent of the African-American vote. It simply won't make a difference.

Of course Democrats take African-Americans for granted, why wouldn't they? African-Americans have allowed themselves to be taken for granted by blindly voting as a bloc for Democrat candidates. For Democrats to be competitive in future elections they will absolutely need to expand their base among whites, particularly men, without losing a significant portion of the black vote. It's going to be a tough balance to strike as the years go by.

Second, Democrat attempts to demonize Republicans as racist are sounding more and more outdated, especially as significant numbers of African-Americans continue to make their way into the middle class. Issues like tax cuts, school choice, and less intrusive government resonate with middle-class voters, regardless of their race. Unless Democrats come up with new ideas to address this socioeconomic shift, their strong bond with the African-American community, which is based in large part upon emotion, will most likely continue to dissipate.


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