Friday, February 21, 2003

On the way to work this morning I spotted a man waving a huge "Bush Dangerously Incompetant" sign on the freeway overpass. One would think that if someone were to accuse another of incompetence, they would make sure they at least spelled the word correctly. You know, to avoid the obvious irony.

For something truly "dangerously incompetent", check out the latest from the UK. It seems that the British government is prescribing oral sex as an effective means of curbing teen pregnancy. When did Clinton make it onto the UK Dept. of Health's payroll?

Last night's ER was hyped as the Carter/Abby engagement episode. I tuned in, as I normally do out of Thursday night custom, expecting to see what was advertised, but I was instead treated to a preachy, sophomoric episode about the evils of racial profiling. Geez, if I wanted to be force-feed liberal propaganda I would have tuned into NBC's Nightly News broadcast, not their prime-time entertainment programming. Looks like I'll have to find something else to watch on the 9pm Thursday slot.

As for other shows I won't be watching, this Sunday's Grammy Awards show will not be gracing my TV screen. Matt Drudge is reporting that CBS executives are having a cow over the likely prospect that the whole production will turn into one big Anti-War/Anti-Bush love-in. I still hold out hope that most able-minded Americans won't be so ridiculous as to judge the merits of the impending war on Sheryl Crow's latest T-shirt slogan.


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