Wednesday, February 26, 2003

I'm in Ft. Lauderdale this week on business. Flew in yesterday on Continental, and was lucky to get a first-class upgrade out of Houston. I love first-class. Then again, why am I stating the patently obvious? I should have added "I love to breathe," or "I love not being stung by bees."

The trip was uneventful (read: no pompous blowhard insisted on speaking to me throughout the flight, imparting his unique, glorious insight into the Iraqi crisis. Or something far more banal, like why Evan chose Zora), which was a good thing because I finally read Anne Coulter's Slander. It really urkes me that Ms. Coulter's ideological opposite, Michael Moore (read: pompous blowhard who insists on imparting his "unique, glorious" insight into everything and anything), writes a poorly constructed, factually inaccurate diatribe against the Bush Administration, and is profiled lovingly in the major print and television media. Yet, Ms. Coulter pens an intelligent, intricately researched book on liberal fallacies and she barely shows up on the radar screen, despite numerous weeks on bestseller lists all over the country. If people want to debate the myth that "liberals are smart, conservatives are dumb", I think Mr. Moore's and Ms. Coulter's respective books speak for themselves.


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